Integrated Solutions for New Panama Canal Transit

Date of release: 2017-01-04

1. Background and Rulesblob.png

1) New Panama Canal is going to be opened in June of 2016.

2) "OP NOTICE TO SHIPPING NO. N-1-2016" to be applied.

2. Packaged Services

1) Design of mooring system for New Panama Canal

2) Handling of drawings to be approved by Panama Authority and Class Society

3) Providing Panama equipment and materials approved by ACP and Class.

4) Installation of mooring devices on board while ship is alongside at berth, anchorage or while ship is sailing. 

3. Advantages

1) Turn key management 

2) Assistant to superintendent 

3) Without ship stop at shipyard,saving time and cost for owner. 

4. Successful Caseblob.png

RMS has provided CMA ships with the structure strength calculation and individual approved updated local re-enforcement structure plan by BV Class for 4*11400 TEU container vessels successfully.(MV CMA CGM COLUMBA, MV CMA CGM LYRA, MV CMA CGM GEMINI,MV CMA CGM LIBRA) .The calcaulation and approval documents for above 4 vessles take no more than two months to be completed and submit to CMA ships’s owner together. At the same time , RMS has provided the CMA ships with the proposal and quotation regarding panama mooring equipment and installation.

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