未标题-2.jpgRMS cold chain management and supply team has strong Marine, Offshore and Cruise ships service background, we endeavor to assist our customers in all possible ways to live up to their expectations.

Our confidence is based on the experiences and following advantages:

  • Full implementation of HACCP and GMP Regulations, as an assurance to our customers with regards to the service and supplies. Implementation of regular storage check, spot check and specific inspection etc. to ensure the food safety. Meanwhile, RMS has achieved both the ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO22000 Food Safety Management System certification; we are going to continue developing our capabilities and qualifications;

  • Total area of 1,500m2 self-owned warehouses with refrigeration facilities, 800m2 cold storage and refrigerated trucks; Standard English labeling & descriptions;

  • RMS conducts supply chain management and applies supplier auditions system in order to ensure the initial quality control; Know-how and strong customer data base allow us to meet the request of various diet cultures. Wide network and resources to combine the advantage of local specialties and international standards.

Provision Supply Range:


Fruits and vegetables

Cheese, milk and dairy products

Fish and Meat


Frozen fruit and vegetables

All kinds of frozen meat and fish


Snacks, nuts and dried fruits

Coffee, sugar and infusions

Oil and greases

Sauces, spices and herbs

Legumes, Flour

Canned products


Tobaccos and wine


A.O.H.: +86-15901625667

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