RMS Engineering team is capable of providing fast response, supervision service, total solution and trouble shooting, so as to solve your urgent problem and ensuring your safe voyage.

  • RMS is dedicated to providing you with following service:

    • 1. 15PPM issue
    • 2. Navigation equipment issue
    • 3. Fire fighting detection system issue
    • 4 .Emergency generator issue
    • 5. Fire -fighting door
    • 6. Deck crane and mooring winch issue
    • • Accommodation deck light, A/C unit, PA system, furniture service
    • Structural fabrication, installation, service; piping line fabrication, flushing, press test
    • • Safety equipment inspection, service (life boat, life raft, CO2 system, chemical power, firefighting system etc.)
    • • Automation service (alarm system, engine control system, tripping device system, fire alarm system, ODME, IGS, boiler control system, etc.)
    • • Hydraulic and pneumatic system service (crane, steering gear control system, bow thruster system, CPP, cargo valves control system, winch & windlass service, HPU, etc.)
    • • Electrical service (lighting system, starting panel, alternator, main breaker panel, AC module, DC module, motor, synchronize service, etc.)
    • • Mechanic service (machine and equipment installation, alignment, overhaul, testing, vibration solution, etc.)
    • • Measuring equipment service (sounding table, LGU, combustible gas detector, Anemometer, etc.)
    • • Quality check service (drink water, compressor air, noise check-DB, oil, etc.)
    • • Test and calibration (pressure & temperature gauges, sensors, switches, oily mist detector, level gauge, actuator, transmitter and so on.)
    • • Engine switch installation, service; corrosion protect and service

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